Friday, 10 August 2012

Paint Job No 1

I've not really done any acrylic paint work so this was a big jump in.  I did a workshop with Lina Macdermott at The Craft Barn about a month ago.  She is the most patient tutor and I love her workshops. We actually had to draw the picture and mix the paint from red blue & yellow primary colours, and white of course.

It's a 12" x 12" canvas which we appllied gesso to and then when dry torn pieces of book pages were applied with matt medium.  We mixed our background colours and applied them over the top, wiping some off as you go.  The figure is then sketched and painted using colours we had mixed ourselves.  The clothes are made of card; the skirt part is embossed and sanded before applying matt medium to adhere it to the canvas.

I cant take any credit for dreaming up the composition as we all did the same as Lina's orginal, but now I've taken the plunge into acrylic I will get my mojo working.

So nice to make something that is not a card!

Hope you like it, look out for Lina.


Sylvia Anderson said...

Wow, this is brilliant x

Elizabeth Allan said...

I just sat and looked at this for several minutes... I wanted to savor all the brilliant colors and creative beauty!

Linda said...

Just brilliant!!!
Linda xxx

jane stillman said...

it's fabulous, love the colours in the background x