Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Secret Santa Stocking and a step by step on fabric flowers

Hi bloggers, this is a stocking I made for a secret santa swap in a group I belong to.  You can't see the lace on the side views as it's covered with the flowers!  I didn't take any shots of the front view unfortunately.  The step by step below shows the method of making the flowers, which are virtually the same as the ones I made for the Shabby Chic Bags (previous post).  I have to thank Fiona Jennings (jennings644 on youtube) for the idea for the flowers as she made some organza (i think it was organza) ones using this technique and I have shamelessly copied it for these cotton and lace ones.

1.  Cut out circles of different fabrics, I drew round a mug on paper and used it as a pattern.  I made some slightly smaller.

2. Fold in half then half again,and half again, so you have a cone shape.  Trim the top edges so you have a rounded end.

 3. Open out and you should have a rough flower shape.

 4. Do some in different fabrics

 5. They don't have to be perfect!

6.  Fold in half and sew a running stitch in the middle of each one.

7.  This is to give an uneven look when they are opened out and sewn together.

 8.  I have used a doily centre for the final piece - you don't need to sew this one at this stage.

 9.  Open out and stack together in whatever combination pleases you.  There are about 4 layers in these ones.  It helps to pin them together.

10.  Sew through the middle using strong thread (or double ordinary thread) you only need 6 stitches or so and then finish with a button or bling.  You could use a glue gun if you prefer not to sew and if you don't plan to wash them in the future.

I hope you give this a try, thanks for looking, and any comments very appreciated :) 


Louise Delore said...

I love this stocking. I feel so lucky to have it hanging in my craft room. Thank you so much Anne

Lexie said...

The stocking is gorgeous Anne and the flowers are fab. Thanks for that.

Linda Simpson said...

Fabulous!! Great tutorial too.
Linda xxx

Cliona Larkin said...

Fab Tutorial and what a beautiful project.

Kate M said...

Beautiful project - thanks for sharing the tutorial

mamof9 said...

wow, love the stocking, I will be having a try at the flowers and I know what I'll be using them for x

Gwyneth said...

Gorgeous stocking. And such pretty flowers as well.

annemarks said...

Thanks everyone for all your kind comments :)